There are many opportunities at the presbytery level to raise awareness of important environmental concerns and to provide a faith voice at the local and state levels.  Communication channels including e-mails and newsletters get the word out about putting faith into action in the public square for earth care around specific issues.  Presbytery ministry teams or committees can develop advocacy resolutions either confirming a policy that was passed by a recent general assembly or concurring with the overture of another presbytery.

It is important to prepare well, and build strong relationships with decision-makers, both staff and volunteers in your presbytery.

Stories of Presbytery Advocacy:

Baltimore Presbytery
Presbytery of Greater Atlanta
Presbytery of the Cascades

Video of Creation-Caring youth at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Harrisonburg, VA, an Earth Care congregation.


What is Your Presbytery Doing?

Tell us about the advocacy efforts at your presbytery.  Click here to find out how to contact your regional PEC Representative and find out how PEC can help you achieve your advocacy goals!