H2O: How to Overcome the Bottled Water Habit

say-no_to-bottled-water_logoAt the June 2005 national conference  on Sharing the Waters of Life, we learned about our local watersheds and the impact of our water use around the world. Avoiding bottled water is one way we can take better care of water resources, locally and globally. Download the H2O: How to Overcome the Bottled Water Habit campaign brochure (doc). It includes the history/scripture/church policy that inspired our campaign, a bottled water pledge, a True/False quiz on bottled water, and more.  PEC’s current Advocacy Committee is in the process of updating this piece for 2010.

We have also drafted sample letters that you can use to encourage your presbytery and/or your congregation to avoid bottled water. Download a sample presbytery letter. Download a sample congregation letter.

In addition, articles written by some of our bottled water task force members for the PEC Update are also now available here. Download “PEC Makes a Splash at GA.”



Other water resources, educational materials, and worship guides: