Montana Eco-Stewards

NRS Job 12:7 “But ask the animals, and they will teach you; the birds of the air, and they will tell you; 8 ask the plants of the earth, and they will teach you; and the fish of the sea will declare to you.”

Who are the Eco-Stewards?

Eco-Stewards is a grassroots community that shapes young adult leaders through place-based experiences that connect faith and the environment. The alumni community includes more than 40 young adult leaders from around the country. Many go on to study, work and serve at the intersection of faith and the environment. Presbyterians for Earth Care is a sponsor of this outstanding program.

Place-Based LearningEco-Stewards 2017 Program

Each year, the Eco-Stewards program invites young adults (ages 20-30) to immerse themselves in a particular place where we study an environmental theme. Each program provides opportunities for community building, vocational discernment, faith formation, storytelling, mentoring, recreation and hands-on environmental stewardship. Past programs have been located in rural West Virginia, Montana’s Crow Reservation, Boston/Vermont, Portland, OR, Gainesville, FL, Seattle, Richmond, VA. More information about past programs.

Helping with Our Ministries

Our programs attract a wide range of young people, eager to participate and further become involved with faith and environmental issues. Many need financial assistance to help with travel expenses and program costs. As a grassroots organization, run entirely by volunteers, we welcome donations through PEC to make this happen. When donating please, list “Eco-Stewards” in an effort for PEC to properly direct your donation.

Some of Our Core Values

Eco-Stewardship is actively caring for creation as a way to love one’s neighbor and better the global community. Together we strive for six things:

  1. Eco-consciousness – Seeking ecological awareness and a continuously renewed consciousness. Pursuing a knowledge the environmental issues that are affecting the different areas of the world today. Evaluating one’s own contributing to those issues and finding ways to live more sustainably.
  2. Being in solidarity with the poor – Focusing on environmental injustices; low-income communities in America and third world countries all over the world suffer from discrimination as hazardous factories, waste dumps, and toxic industries locate themselves in poor areas that cannot fight to keep the destruction out.
  3. Living as ecological and socially responsible consumers – Being willing to examine one’s shopping, food, and waste habits with an eye on sustainability. Working towards buying habits that reflect environmental and social justice values. Recognizing that food issues are at the heart of the environmental crisis and striving to eat locally and organically when possible.
  4. Personal spiritual journeys – nurtured and supported by the Way of Community, honoring every individual’s personal journey to a faithful response to the environmental crisis. Continuously looking inward to keep moving faithfully forward. Yet, also looking outward to a community of Eco-Stewards who support, guide, and strengthen each other along the way, growing in Christ’s love.
  5. Rooted in Presbyterian Reformed tradition – Sharing the many components of worship in new settings. Renewing traditions in new ways. Paying homage to a history of progressive and faithful service within the church.
  6. Providing education and training that compels action – Following a curriculum with a core of eco-theology, church structure, systemic change, modes of behavior, watershed, spirituality, lifestyle simplification, self-reflection, community building, and ecological awareness. Teaching skills that can be extended into individual home communities, spreading nationwide awareness.

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