Why Advocacy?

“To see the world through the eyes of Christ as we are called to do, we must acknowledge, understand and accept responsibility for our connectedness to each other in the human family. Decisions of public policy have an effect for good or ill on our brothers and sisters. Politics is the business of structuring how we behave in out life together. It is the inevitable means by which we as individuals and as groups love our neighbors.” from How Should Christians Be Involved in the Public Area: A Study Guide for Presbyterian Congregations, by Elaine Saum, Presbyterian Peacemaking Program.

Presbyterians for Earth Care engages in advocacy in several ways. As an organization we sign petitions, endorse campaigns and write letters to decision-makers. We also encourage and support members to engage in the public policy advocacy. In addition, PEC helps to draft overtures for General Assembly and informs membership of how they can be involved in supporting and developing resolutions and actions at the presbytery level. PEC’s Advocacy Team helps to guide the organization’s advocacy efforts and develops action alerts and resources to help Presbyterians be faithful advocates for God’s creation and God’s people.

PEC members/friends at the Peoples Climate March in Washington, DC on April 29, 2017

Overtures PEC supported at the 2018 General Assembly

PEC worked with its members and partners to prepare and present the following overtures at the 223rd General Assembly. Click on the links to see the results of our efforts:

PEC Official Comments
PEC submitted comments to the EPA concerning the proposed carbon emission limits for power plants that is part of its Clean Power Plan.

PEC Advocacy Papers and Resources 
Read former PEC NE Regional Representative and author, Rev. John Preston’s article on Presbyterian perspectives on environmental advocacy:   Social Policy Advocacy from a Presbyterian Earth Care Perspective

PEC member, Rev. Richard Krajeski has written an extensive bibliography on Wetlands Theological Education: Select Bibliography for the Wetlands Theological Education Center

PEC Treasurer, Sue Smith, prepared a slide show of the Presbyterian Hunger Program trip to Lima, Peru for the United Nations COP20 climate talks: Climate of Conflict