Directory of Resources for Your Presbytery Earth Care Team
updated May 27, 2020

The resources listed in this section follow the goals in the Guide, How to Start and Sustain a Presbytery Earth Care Team. Additional resources are also listed for Earth Care Congregations, Advocacy, Earth Care Spiritual Resources, Earth Care Guides for Action and Earth Care Supported by Science

Goal 1. Form a Presbytery Earth Care Team

Sample Earth Care Handout for a Meeting of the Presbytery of Tropical Florida

Sample Email Invitation to Earth Care Congregation Pastors to form a Presbytery Earth Care Core Group

Sample Earth Care Survey of Churches from Presbytery of Tropical Florida

Goal 2. Meet as a Presbytery Earth Care Team

Sample Meeting Minutes of a Young Presbytery Earth Care Team

Sample Care of Creation Policy from National Capital Presbytery

Sample Description of an Earth Care Team

Sample Carbon Footprint Fund

Goal 3. Schedule Activities and Events

Considering our Treasure: A Reflection on Embracing God’s Economy

Schedule an All-day Communications Workshop with Presbyterian Mission Agency (Free if scheduled by presbytery and attended by 20 people) 

Let’s Talk Faith and Climate: Communication Guidance for Faith Leaders

Conversation Guide for Living the Change from GreenFaith Scroll down to Download their Conversation Guide and enter your name and email for the download.

The Doctrine of Discovery: An Introductory Model for Adult Education

Dramatic Youth Reading: ONE VOICE at Earth Sabbath
Video 1
Video 2

Goal 4. Evaluate your efforts

Sample Evaluation Questions for Team Members

Goal 5. Publicize your accomplishments

Sample Newsletter Article for EarthKeepers of Heartland Presbytery

Sample PowerPoint Presentation of Presbytery Earth Care Team

Sample PowerPoint Script for Trinity Presbytery

Additional Resources for Educational Events and Activities

Earth Care Congregations

Earth Care Congregation PowerPoint and Earth Care Congregation Video

Earth Care Congregation Map and Certification Year

Earth Care Pledge and Application

Sample survey for and Reports of Environmental Actions from All Churches in Presbytery

Earth Care Advocacy

PCUSA Office of Public Witness is the public policy information and advocacy office of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Its task is to advocate, and help the church to advocate, the social witness perspectives and policies of the Presbyterian General Assembly.

Policies and statements are listed in chronological order. Click on the link above. 

GA ROCKS! A 4- minute video in the style of “Schoolhouse Rock” about how policy gets passed in the PC(USA) 

Get your Presbytery to Divest (Toolkit) Compiled by Fossil Free PCUSA, this toolkit contains resources covering How to Ask Your Presbytery to Divest, Fossil Free Options and Frequently Asked Questions.

Earth Care Guides for Action
Seeking Climate Justice for All from Creation Justice Ministries

2020 Climate Change Sabbath Toolkit sponsored by the Nebraska United Church of Christ Board

Earth Care Spiritual Resources

Presbyterians for Earth Care Lenten Devotionals

Tread Lightly for Lent 2020 Calendar from Presbyterian Hunger Program

Presbyterians for Earth Care Advent Devotionals

Earth Care Supported by Science

Fourth National Climate Assessment. Volume II: Impacts, Risks, and Adaptation in the United States



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